Marina Paula Eberth
  • Founder and Head of the institute
  • Holistic Regression Therapist level 7, professional certificate nr TAM-0052


Estonian, English, Danish

In 1976, I graduated from Tartu University’s Department of Psychology as a Clinical Psychologist. When Estonia gained its independence and Master’s level degree studies opened for the first time, I studied Psychology for another three years at the Pedagogical University. I gained my MSc in Psychology in 1994.

I have always been a curious learner and I have completed a lot of training. These have been further professional trainings related to various therapies, e.g. Systemic Family Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Family Constellations, Gestalt Therapy, Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy, Process Work, Existential Group Therapy, etc.

I have also undertaken courses related to human health, energetics and healing, such as the basics of Meta-health, Reconnection and Theta-healing. The Mayan languages of light training talked about the building blocks of the universe and the universe operating on a deeper level, plus the introduction to Mereon talked about the fundamental particles of life.

With great joy, I have taken part in shamanism courses in Denmark, England and Estonia. I have even made a shamanic drum with my own hands.

Being an entrepreneur and the head of an Institute brought new subjects into my life and, on top of my studies, I have gained knowledge about business, entrepreneurship, management, bookkeeping and about the legislation with which an adult education institution must comply.

Isiklik areng ja töökogemus

I have studied and taught my entire adult life. After graduating from the Department of Psychology at Tartu University, I worked  for 18 years in a video lab at Tallinn Pedagogical University. I was one of the first video trainers in Estonia, starting at the beginning of the 80s and under the direction of Henn Mikkin, to develop a new innovative school of thought in practical psychology, namely ‘Video Training’. I taught communication to various professionals from all walks of life, I created training programs and conducted training for Video Trainers for 15 years. Working with Video Trainers brought me together with managers and management, whereas training top executives helped me to understand that a good manager has to be both a good communicator and a good judge of character.

During the period 1989-1995, I led an interesting project at the Pedagogical University during which a training programme for school Psychologists and Counsellors had to be developed. I directed a school Counselling centre and taught various subjects related to Counselling skills and Psychotherapy myself.

My interest in Psychotherapy deepened over time and I have worked as a Therapist in a private practice for more than 35 years now.

The human psyche is one part of an invisible world that we cannot touch. A young, curious Psychologist had many more questions about the functioning of humans than academic Psychology had answers for. If you know how to ask, the answer comes. Miraculously, I came across old books about occult science that gave a much more holistic picture of people and the world. The exciting research of non-physical reality, both in theory and practice, was separated from my professional life for many years.

In 1995, when I moved to Copenhagen, a big change followed. I learned Danish and studied under Ingelise Emby (DEVA DK) to be a psycho-spiritual Counsellor.  Among other things, they talked about Transpersonal Psychology in the training and then, suddenly, two of my parallel roads met. The same things that the old books talked about had evidence in the research in Transpersonal Psychology! A new world with an opportunity to help new, exciting people opened before me. While developing the Holistic Regression Therapy, I have finally been able to combine my knowledge of Psychology with the ancient wisdom of how the  human psyche functions.

Danish experts considered my preparation and work experience as a practitioner to be so good that I received a Danish Kingdom’s license as a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist, after which I opened my own therapeutic practice. In 1998, I founded the Holistic Therapy Institute in Copenhagen and I am continuing the work now here in Estonia. In the beginning, there were no rooms, no workers or no learners; there was only a bold vision about a school that supports human development and an increase in the quality of life. It must have been a good idea that was planted, because the Institute started to grow rapidly. On the 1st of May 2018, the Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary and we have a lot to be proud of. I am glad that the Institute has a harmonious collective, an expert board and very good trainers.

‘Level 1: Holistic Training’ has been a breeding ground for change already for more than 800 people on the path to self-development.

I am a mother of two adult daughters; as a grandmother, I enjoy seeing their families grow and I enjoy seeing cheerful souls of the new era joining us.

I belong to an Earth Association for Regression Therapy and am on the Board of the Estonian Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Teraapiaseansid ja hinnad
  • ‘The Holistic Four’ (four 3-hour regression therapy sessions, totalling 12 hours): € 840
  • ‘Holistic Regression Therapy’, individual long session (2.5-3 hours duration): € 210
  • ‘Holistic Regression Therapy’, individual short session (1.5 hours duration): € 140
  • Consultations (1 hour per session): € 100


Häid mõtteid

 “All problems that come our way have arisen from a lack of love and, therefore, all problems can be solved with love. If there is enough love, there are no problems.”

Inger Schiøtt, ‘De gyldne sandaler’.

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