Grete Kald

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  • Holistic Therapist
  • Year of graduation: 2018


Tallinn, Tartu
English, Estonian

After graduating high school in Tartu I started the most important part of my education, which cannot be given by any educational institution. I went to learn and work abroad, in the US, where I experienced the American way non-stop working and learning. I was filled with energy that was felt in every cell in my body. The strong energetic flow that leads me through life at the time got me educated in cosmetology and a pile of work experience in sales and communication. I learned plenty of positivity and my big smile was influencing so many people:)

My American success story continued in the center of the city of Philadelphia as a Freelance Makeup Artist for several years until I decided to start a family in Estonia and put the career on hold. The organic cosmetic company I created in Estonia was led by passion and with love until I decided to put it behind. Life made its own corrections and I got educated in the field of psychology to develop and acquire human behavior and neuroscience. I have always had a great interest in psychology and people’s mental health, behavior, and neuroscience. I started studying Holistic Regression Therapy Institute in the year 2013 and graduated in 2018. Over these years, I acquired youth work education and developed the mental health of youths as I was practicing and educating myself as a therapist from 2016 onwards. I am involved in a number of mental health projects and developing youth´s mental health education.

Isiklik areng ja töökogemus

I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and the flexibility of the brain. In my personal development, my biggest challenge has been boundaries and courage to be myself who I really am. I feel that I value myself more than ever. I have begun to value myself through life experiences and holistic journeys, which made me understand who I am and set the boundaries. I believe that emotional intelligence is really more important than intellectual knowledge. In doing so, I consider the greatest skill of myself is to know who I am and express it fearlessly. I have experienced a variety of spiritual practices, feminine rights, learned the flexibility of the brain, trained myself in the field of psychology of children and youths, finished holistic coaching studies. I have implemented all this knowledge while working with youths and families, as well as individual sessions. Being a mother of two, I see the importance of being a role model as a parent. It is our responsibility, as a parent to fulfill our own dreams and to use the total potential we have in life. Children learn from the act of parents!

I have given out hundreds of  mental health training from the year 2018 in Estonia and in the USA. I am happy to work in therapy office as well as online, including online therapy and training.

To my clients, I have been helped to overcome depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, coming out of the comfort zone, figuring out who they truly are,  finding out their obstacles having their dream life, helped to get through divorce and break up issues, relationship issues, setting boundaries, and taking control over their own lives.

Teraapiaseansid ja hinnad

I welcome therapy clients to my sessions filled with lots of love!

  • Holistic quadrant (four to 3 hours of regression therapy the session, a total of 12 hours): 400 EUR
  • Holistic regression therapy session (up to 3 hours): EUR 100
  • Online Coaching (1H): 50 EUR

You are welcome to have an online coaching/ therapy and having therapy sessions in the cabinet with me! 🙂

Häid mõtteid

You are worth so much more than you could ever think of! Dare to be yourself and the world will show you the way!

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