The Art Of Letting Go

18. Feb 2021 | Articles

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Are we all ready to lose the dysfunctionality of our conditioned mind and become transparent to the light of consciousness?

If we look deeply into the teaching-pattern of every religion, philosopher, or mastermind, despite some surface differences one thing’s certain, they all share one common insight; live in the present moment and learn from the past, rather than spending hours regretting the past choices or longing for a wishful future.

Let’s face the fact! We are not going to bring radical changes in the way we live by imprisoning ourselves in involuntary conflicting emotions or mental debates.

As a matter of fact, we all are destined to let go of things at one point or another. However, your tendency of holding on to the past and focusing more on “what used to be” moments, rather than embracing the new chapters of life is the root cause of all suffering.

To become the master of life despite the circumstances, one must learn the art of letting go and find a balance between grieving and focusing.

The Art Of Letting Go do not Equal Suffering

Letting go does not mean surrendering. Rather it takes courage, time, commitment, and a great deal of patience to continuously restrain yourself from thinking or relapsing about something or someone who is disturbing your inner peace.

In simple words, letting go refers to confronting your inner demons and past traumas and acknowledging that caging it inside your heart doesn’t serve you any purpose at all.

letting go of the past

The Art of letting go helps you cultivate deep answers like why, when, and how you should move forward and end one chapter in your life to embrace the new ones with full enthusiasm.

Ask yourself a very genuine question right now. How on earth are you going to start a new journey in your life when you keep moving back to the old ones? Is not this a question to rather learn from the old journey and follow the guide.

    1. Focus on the present moment: Most of the time we are dictated by our minds instead of us dictating our minds. Be certain that you look for positivity in your present moment and end your pessimist attitude towards situations, people, and yourself.Pay tribute to what you already possess and pen down your opaque thoughts.

      If you’re trying to let go of a person, but can’t convince your heart, author down the things that you valued in your relationship and how ultimately that person didn’t put the necessary effort into that relationship.

    2. Cry When You Need To: When a thought or memory suddenly occurs to you, give yourself the required time to grieve over it rather than holding it back. Accept what is and go with the flow. Utilize the incessant stream of opportunities life has given to you and do something that you genuinely love to do. It could be reading a book, dancing to your favorite music, or writing a journal.

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