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15. Mar 2021 | Yoga and meditation

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In this article you will learn about holistic yoga and meditation and easy ways to calm your mind.

Has anybody ever wondered, how a simple set of physical and mental exercises can reduce the undeniable vulnerability of one’s soul and body?

Well, if you stretch back to thousands of years or just simply glance at the contemporary methods, you’ll unravel that yoga and meditation are the two most popular techniques to do so. Yoga and meditation are a practice that provides human with the capacity to fathom the deeper roots of self-contentment and self-awareness.

They both work synergistically together in striking the right balance of mindfulness and strength. While having a wide range of benefits highlighted by scientists and traditional scholars, this article is focused on setting forth the benefits of holistic yoga and meditation.

So what are holistic yoga and meditation in a glimpse?

Yoga is a set of practices that allow a person to focus on strength and flexibility. It revolves around several postures and exercises that create a balance between, strength, stretch, and respire. Most of us interpret yoga as an activity that enables one to attain calmness in material (physical) and non-material (mental and spiritual). However, it is often done by people who intend to improve their resiliency, flexibility, or mental state.

It is to note that yoga and meditation work together in serving the purpose of mindfulness and physical activity.

They both work in harmony to increase one’s awareness of the present moment. While yoga demands activities such as breathing and stretchy postures, mediation helps in creating awareness, mindfulness, and clarity of thoughts which reduce anxiety. Holistically, the impact arisen is a healthy and content human body.

To get a better insight into how yoga and meditation synergize together in curing a human body, read out the benefits listed below:

yoga and meditation

How yoga and meditation cure the human body?

  1. Lowering of stress level:

Stress is an emotion of being in tension and mental deterioration. Stress does not only negatively affects the mental state of mind, but it also has an adverse effect on the human body. From loosening of collagen level in the skin to blood pressure like health problems, stress is a feeling that initiates it all.

Practicing yoga and meditation helps in lowering tension hormones in the body. The activity is believed to release hormones like oxytocin, hence serotonin level in the body, which helps in elevating the mood. Yoga and meditation are known to combat issues such as depression, insomnia, and fluctuating emotions.

In addition to this, yoga is known for living in the present moment rather than stressing external influences. Therefore, it increases the concentration level and brings calm to your body.

  1. Transparency of mind:

We have always been occupied by several experiences, emotions, and thoughts. When overwhelmed, we are unable to bring clarity to all of them and are ultimately cluttered into making sense out of all of it.

Yoga and meditation work together in bringing clarity of thoughts into your lifestyle. When you eliminate yourself from a negative mindset, you can translucent and reason different perspectives intelligibly. The postures and breathing techniques are specially designed to practice mindfulness in daily life. They encourage awareness and curiosity while removing self-ignorance and over-thinking. Resultantly, one finds themselves in a position where one can interpret information with a clear mindset which is free from negative emotions.

  1. Improving heart’s health:

Researches have supported that yoga and meditation work together in improving the heart’s health greatly. It is primarily because meditation alongside a set of stretchy poses helps in lowering the blood pressure of the human body. It means that people suffering from issues like high blood pressure can find yoga and meditation an optimum solution to eliminate it.

Additionally, it is said that a few minutes of yoga and meditation help in improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, and lowering the stress level. Therefore, most of the heart diseases which are a result of the following reasons are eradicated.

  1. Improvement indigestion:

Most people suffer from stomach issues such as bloating, irregular bowel movements, and constipation. It is mainly because keeping up with the daily fiber intake becomes a hectic task. However, yoga and meditation are known to help in the following regard.

The activity revolves around exercises, stretching, and postures that recover a body inside out. The movement revives the lymphatic system, hence resulting in the expelling of the toxins from the human body. Moreover, issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are greatly improved by meditating religiously. It is to observe, that most of the diseases of heart and digestion are down the line result of stress. And, yoga and meditation are exactly accommodating in the following concern.


Yoga and meditation have a wide range of benefits for the human body. From alleviation of stress level to inner awareness and from mindfulness to a healthy human body, yoga and meditation prove to be an authentic practice to cater to all. Its ability to rejuvenate a human being mentally, physically, and spiritually has always been a center of discussion among scientists and philosophers of the past.  All in all, the activity is a great deal to be a part of our daily lives.

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