Holistic Regression Therapy

Holistic Regression Therapy (HRT) is a therapy for ‘everyday’ people and supports the creation of a happy life. We are used to struggling and suffering, but it does not have to take over our life. The goal of HRT is to support people so that ‘normal’ life becomes ‘the best possible life’. An optimum life consists of balanced well-being, satisfaction and happiness, but it is also not lacking in development or challenges. It is a life that is lived to the fullest, enjoying and knowing your strengths and applying your natural talents.

The HRT process is powerful, as holistic journeys to the inner world allow you to work with the body, mind, soul and spirit as one. On holistic journeys, clients explore their inner world and find the root causes of their problems from the past and work through the situations where troubles have begun. Thus, past emotional and thought patterns that have been stuck are freed and people get closer to themselves and heal.

Holistic Regression Therapy (HRT)

A person is a whole: body, mind (emotions and thoughts) and soul always function simultaneously. Your every thought and emotion affects every cell in your body, because the mind is directly related to physical reactions. Conversely, what happens in your body affects your psychology. If one part of you does not work in harmony with the rest, the work of the whole is disrupted.

There is no effect without cause. All our problems began at some point, from a situation in life. HRT is based on the meta-health model, on the inter-relationship between body, mind, soul and social factors. Studies have shown that all our problems, including physical illnesses, begin with a situation that has been accompanied by strong negative emotions –  e.g. fear, anxiety, anger, helplessness, hopelessness or sadness – that have not been expressed. Often these are situations that create an internal conflict and in which we feel “I couldn’t manage” or “I failed”.

According to the principles of meta-health, a situation that causes a strong emotional conflict-shock experience is:

  • unexpected – the person is not prepared for this situation
  • dramatic – the situation or event affects the person deeply
  • isolated – the person is alone with the problem, does not share the pain or concern with others and does not seek help
  • lacking strategy to solve the situation – the person does not know how to solve this situation and so does nothing

The situation itself may not be dangerous and it is not always a major accident or trauma; the impact is determined by how the person experiences the situation and what he or she feels in the situation. Because our bodily organs, mind and brain form an integral whole, each strong emotional response is expressed simultaneously (holistically) throughout the body, at the levels of the psyche, brain, body and behaviour. If the negative emotions of the situation remain unexpressed, they are blocked. Blocking also occurs at the body level, causing tension in the brain as well as in the bodily organs that are associated with that area of the brain. In meta-health, it is said that a traumatic life event is the starting point of mental and physical changes.

Back to the ‘root cause’

Since the causes of most psychological and psychosomatic problems are in the past, specifically in one of the situations that cause emotional conflict, it is also necessary to go to the past to discover these causes. When you go back in time and find the situation that was too difficult to handle at the time, then the problem disappears, and the physical illness also disappears.

The problem and the related physical symptoms disappear when the person relives the situation where the problem first occurred:

  • The person lives through the same emotions and becomes aware of them. It is good if he or she finds words to describe these emotions and shares the experience.
  • The person starts to understand what went wrong at that time.
  • The person changes the decisions made at that time to escape/avoid the psychological pain when unable to solve the situation.
  • The person changes his or her behaviour.

It is not always easy to identify the complicated situations that have caused emotional suffering, because people tend to ‘forget’ bad things, to push them away into the far recesses of their memory, i.e. the unconscious mind. Help from a specialist may be needed to find them again. HRT therapists can help their clients rediscover ‘lost’ memories.

The Holistic Journey

The client spends part of their therapy sessions in an ‘altered’, that is to say ‘meditative’, state of consciousness, exploring their inner world. The brain then works differently from the normal waking consciousness and the therapy is effective because the client has more free access to the unconscious and the root causes of problems can be found from memory. You can go back to the events where problems started, e.g. relive your childhood experiences, your time as a foetus, or even your previous lives in order to free your emotions and change the thought patterns that prevent you from being in harmony and balance in the current period of your life. In an altered state of consciousness, the psyche is more receptive to change and negative emotional and thought patterns are easier to eliminate.

The only way to control your life is by changing your inner world

Human beings are not alone in the world; they are a part of a great ‘Whole’. HRT relies on a world view based on quantum physics, which says that the basis of everything and the connection between everything is a unified field, of living consciousness. This field contains information and creates new, additional information.

Non-creation is impossible; we are constantly creating our world through our senses, desires, will and actions. There is little use in blaming other people and life if you do not feel satisfaction, balance and harmony. All that is in your life, everything around you, you have invited in. The thoughts and emotions you live with are very important. Thoughts and imaginings are like a magnet; they pull into your life the things you focus on. Happiness and satisfaction begin with awareness and transformation of your inner world. A skilled therapist can be of great help here.

The skills of a happy person

A happy person possesses three skills in three time phases – the past, present and future. Time plays an important role in the quality of life; we can feel good, act, interact with others, create or enjoy being in the present, the here and the now. More presence means feeling that ‘life is worth living’. Dissatisfaction with the past, and/or fear and uncertainty about the future, can easily interfere with the present.

The three essential skills of a happy person are:

  • the ability to work through the past, learn from it and then let it go
  • the ability to live in the present
  • the ability to create a future perspective that gives direction and meaning to life

HRT therapists help their clients work through the past and create a vision for the future that is consistent with the client’s true nature. During the therapy process, clients learn to be more present, their ability to concentrate increases and their awareness levels in relation to their body, thoughts and emotions increase as well.

According to Martin Seligman, a major figure in positive psychology, there are five important building blocks for well-being and happiness (the PERMA model):

  1. Positive emotion – your emotions are predominantly positive
  2. Engagement – you do everything with full attention; even the simplest action grabs you fully
  3. Relationships – strong relationships where you are ‘yourself’
  4. Meaning and purpose – you are working for something that is bigger than yourself
  5. Accomplishments – everyone needs to win sometimes; you look back on your life with a sense of accomplishment

It is difficult to live a life fully involved in activities that you dislike or that don’t suit you. Life has no meaning and point when you ask yourself, “Who am I actually?”, or, “What is the right path or right choice for me in life?” and you find that you have no answer. We can only find answers from within ourselves. If you have made a connection with your soul and begin to listen and hear the messages of your soul, you have the answer. In HRT, you learn to establish a conscious connection with the soul’s ambassador, the ‘Higher Self’.

At some point in our lives, we have all met our Higher Self. It signals itself as an internal voice, gut feeling or intuition. It is the part of consciousness that is always with you, even if you are not always fully aware of its existence.

The Higher Self, or ‘intuition’, can help you, because it is the ambassador of your soul and the soul holds all the information about you; your whole story from beginning to end. It knows who you have been and where your path can lead you in the future.

The Higher Self is the source of inspiration, wisdom and unconditional love. It is the mediator between you and the Creator, your link with the unified field.

As a human being, you have free will and, usually, the Higher Self will not interfere with your free will; it will not judge you but will assist you if you ask it. It can intervene in situations where your life is in danger.

If you want to use the help of the Higher Self to get good advice or guidance, or to heal yourself, you need to establish a connection with it. This means that you must relax and look into yourself whilst in a meditative or altered state of consciousness. This is what is done in Holistic Regression Therapy.


There are different forms of Holistic Regression Therapy (HRT) to choose from:

  • ‘The Holistic Four’ & ‘Long Sessions’
  • ‘Holistic Short Sessions’

The Holistic Four & Long Sessions

A therapy cycle of four long sessions (two and a half to three hours) is for those who want to change their lives quickly, love to work intensively and are prepared to carry out an effective deep cleansing.

The package consists of four sessions over four days. These can be held over four consecutive days, or divided into a pair of two consecutive, with a week’s break in between the pair. Each individual session begins with a conversation about you and your problems, needs and experiences. However, for half of the time, you lie on a couch and ‘travel’ through your inner world, exploring it and making changes in it.

The sessions are very intense and you will benefit more if you dedicate these days to yourself and do not plan work or other responsibilities on any of these days. It is important to create resting space between and after the sessions to allow for integration.

After the ‘Holistic Four’, you can continue to work with a therapist for one, two or more sessions at a pace that suits you. You can work on specific topics, solve relationship problems with a particular person, improve your health, free yourself of bonds that have outlived their time or the like. At the same time, it is an opportunity to deepen contact with your Higher Self and learn to use the higher energies in your daily life.

Holistic Short Sessions

These sessions are similar in substance to those described above but are shorter. Sessions of 75 to 90 minutes take place once a week, or every other week.

The sessions are suitable for those who want to change themselves and their lives but prefer to do it slowly and cautiously. Maybe you do not even know exactly what the change should be – you just feel somehow ‘dissatisfied’.

The starting points are:

  • Be in touch with yourself: become aware and trust your emotions, thoughts and how your body feels.
  • Be creative: if you’re doing something that does not work in your life, try something else.
  • Be positive: do more of what makes you happy and feels good

The durations of each therapy session may be very different, since much depends on the client as well as the issues to be resolved.

Different forms of therapy can be combined:

  • You can start with the Holistic Four and continue with either Long or Short Sessions roughly once or twice a month.
  • You can start with single therapy sessions and, if you want to speed up the process, you can do the Holistic Four.

Read articles and listen to programmes about HRT and sessions.

For whom is this therapy not suited?

The holistic journey takes place in an altered state of consciousness and is, therefore, unsuitable for those who have problems distinguishing between real and non-real, self and non-self, such as problems caused by schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

For the same reason, such journeys to the inner world are not suitable for people who are under the influence of narcotics or have lost an adequate sense of self, as happens in a state of shock or acute crisis situations.

It is also unsuitable for people whose mental disorders are caused by brain damage.

Holistic Regression Therapy cannot and does not replace psychiatric treatment.


Who can get help?

Holistic Regression Therapy has helped people overcome:

  • relationship problems, such as with partners, parents, children, colleagues, etc.
  • lack of joy and will to live, depression, crises in life, traumas, fears and phobias
  • physical ailments such as indigestion, headaches, chronic pain or tension, inflammations and allergies
  • sexual problems in both men and women, including experiences of sexual abuse
  • addiction problems, such as dependency on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, work, sex and narcotics

This form of therapy has also benefitted people who are on a path of self-development and spiritual awakening and who want to:

  • find their true self, greater awareness of purpose or path in life
  • get to know their potential, abilities and opportunities
  • create better contact with their intuition, inner wisdom, their Higher Self
  • improve their quality of life, even if they are generally coping well with life and work
  • awaken to extrasensory perceptions or special abilities

Why therapy?

Why contact an HRT therapist?

You are in the right place if you believe that:

  • as well as your body, emotions and thoughts, you also have a soul
  • you can heal your body with the help of your spiritual energy
  • everything is connected to everything else and you are a part of the ‘Whole’
  • your development did not start with your present life and will continue even when you leave this life


You can get help if you want to:


  • change your life and get rid of some problems
  • increase your quality of life, have more joy and creativity
  • make better use of your intuition
  • learn about your potential, abilities and opportunities

How does the therapy work?

About a third of a Holistic Regression Therapy (HRT) session consists of a conversation between the therapist and the client. For the rest of the time, the client lies on a couch, eyes closed, focussed on their inner world. Gradually relaxing, the client reaches a pre-sleep meditative state, but the conversation with the therapist continues. In an altered state of consciousness a person perceives him/herself, his/her body and the inner world in a completely different way. The brain works differently, the unconscious is easier to access and it is easier to discover, understand and change your usual ‘programmes’.

Dialogues with the therapist and your inner wisdom will help you find and work through the situations and emotional issues associated with your life. Changes in the inner world bring about changes in the outside world and the reorganisation of the inner world spreads quite quickly to everyday life; to beliefs, attitudes, relationships, behaviour and the body.

HRT is not related to any religion or religious way of thinking. The starting point of therapy is the inner world of each person, their beliefs and life situation. Therefore, the content of the therapy sessions is very individual.

You can relive the events that you know have happened in your life. Events may surface that have caused so much pain that you have hidden them deep in your subconscious and do not remember them. You can find a solution to your problems in a completely different way; living through dreamlike or symbolic stories.

The problem and the physical symptoms associated with it disappear when a person goes back to the moment or situation where the problem originated.

To move on with life, sometimes you must look back. You must look inside yourself and become aware of what prevents you from moving along with the flow of life.
The Higher Self can take you back in time to the events that have been the starting point for your problems and blockages. This starting point can be in your childhood, the birth process, your time in the womb or even previous lives.


HRT is a process of working through emotional blockages. Each of your problems is blocking the system as a whole. When your thoughts are blocked, they go round and round in circles following the same patterns and the thought patterns are always accompanied by the same emotions and bodily feelings. Blockages that contain negative emotions, such as anger, fear, shame, guilt, helplessness, loneliness, sadness or pain, are all blocking huge amounts of energy that you could put to better use.

When problematic situations and emotional blockages are worked through, the energy will flow more freely. Your actual abilities, knowledge and talent will then be better manifested. Your relationships with other people change; you feel greater peace and balance. You may also notice changes in your body and the disappearance of old pains and symptoms, as contact with the energy of the Higher Self is, in and of itself, an effective healer.

This sequence of changes, which begins during therapy, may continue later. You may be better able to understand your real needs and to see more clearly the meaning of your life. You will find ways to create the kind of life you want for yourself.


You are unique: there is no other person like you in the world. When you get rid of your energy blockages, you get closer to yourself as you are.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the kind of person you respect? You do not have to be perfect and flawless for that. The best thing you can do is be yourself. It is fantastic to be in contact with yourself, to feel at home with yourself and to live exactly the kind of life that is consistent with your nature.



Information for clients

  1. The client and therapist agree upon and adhere to the time, place, price and payment arrangements for the sessions beforehand. If the client cannot make the appointment, he or she must let the therapist know at least 24 hours in advance, or else he or she will be required to pay the price of the scheduled session. Payment is in cash or by bank transfer.
  2. The therapist will not disclose anything said or done during the sessions. If necessary, the therapist can discuss the client’s story with colleagues, while maintaining the anonymity of the client.
  3. The therapist’s relationship with the client is professional and free of judgement; it is limited to the therapy sessions. Social interaction outside therapy is avoided.
  4. The therapist respects the client’s beliefs regardless of the client’s religious, gender or cultural identity.
  5. The therapist values the well-being and development of the client.
  6. If the wishes of the client and the principles of the therapist clash, therapy is discontinued.