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The Holistic Institute is an adult continuing-education institution. We provide training in the field of health and welfare, promote a holistic world view and train holistic regression therapists.

Our mission is to guide and support people in self-development to help everyone become their best self.

Our vision is of a holistic person who thinks clearly and critically, making decisions and choices that lead to a happier, healthier, more creative and successful life. Knowing that all is one and everything is connected, the holistic person is mindful of other people and the living environment in the broadest sense.

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Successful Estonian Company – this title has been awarded to the Holistic Institute on several occasions by the credit-information company Krediidiinfo AS. Our rating in the AA class speaks to the company’s good economic situation, financial results and payment record. Bisnode Estonia AS has placed our credit rating in the highest AAA® class several times. Only 3.8% of all Estonian companies have achieved this rating. In addition, the institute has repeatedly made the financial newspaper Äripäev’s list of the top 10 training companies.

The institute was founded in 1998 in Copenhagen by psychologist-psychotherapist Marina Paula Eberth (MA in psychology), who is also head of the institute now. Training sessions, courses and lectures in transpersonal psychology and therapy, conciusness and its states, have been conducted at the institute in Denmark; since 2006, they have been mainly in Estonia. Until 2014, the institute was known as the Holistic Therapy Institute. Read more about the history of the institute in the extensive Articles section of our website.

The first level of training, the 14-month holistic training course in self-improvement, has become very popular. Since there are many who want to attend, in the last three years we have opened six new groups a year. A total of 1184 people have participated in holistic training over the years. Some of the graduates of holistic training will continue their studies in the second level – holistic regression therapy.

At the beginning of 2016, we started preparations to open a training course in Russian. In the same year, we launched the Russian section of our website and in January 2017, the first group of holistic training started its journey. We are glad that the training in Russian has started well and the interest in Russian language training is growing every year.

The training of regression therapists in Estonia started in 2003, and the first class received their certificates in the summer of 2006. Of the 15 graduates that year, seven are practising therapists today, having gained substantial experience during the more than ten years of work. The second class of therapists graduated in July 2010, and the third graduated in May 2012. Our fourth class graduated in September 2014. They were the first to graduate from the institute with a professional examination. The professional certificate awards the qualification of a “holistic regression therapist”, which in the classification of professions is under complementary and alternative medicine. In December 2021, we congratulated the graduates of our eleventh class. Over the years, we have trained more than 150 specialists who continue as practising therapists or use the knowledge and skills acquired during the training in other professions.

The institute’s training sessions, courses and workshops are conducted mainly by Estonian holistic regression therapists, trainers, doctors and psychologists, but we also work with guest lecturers from Denmark, Finland and Russia.

More than 300 people are currently studying at the Holistic Institute.

As of 15th of November 2023, 1305 people have completed the first level of holistic training.

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