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Marika Makarova

The pain is gone, the fear has disappeared, the joy of life is back, the relationship with loved ones is brilliant. Too good to be true? Holistic regression therapy helps you get rid of disturbing emotions and regain the strength to live.

“All events in peoples’ lives have a cause. Being familiar with the concept of an information field from quantum physics and knowing a thing or two about consciousness means all things can be explained without any mystery”, states clinical psychologist Marina Paula Eberth, creator of HRT (holistic regression therapy). “Where is the internet? Everywhere. Similarly, there is a compound field everywhere from which information can be obtained if there is a receiver.”

In HRT sessions we work with suppressed and frozen emotions because they are the core of the problems. In a dangerous situation, there are two active forms of behaviour – fight or flight. The blockages are caused by the third – the frozen state, because the person has not acted out what is inside him or her.

As the work on emotions is more efficient in the “changed state of consciousness”, HRTs uses the technique with the beautiful name “Windows of the Sky” that Marina received from her teacher Ingelise Emby while living in Denmark. In this acupressure technique, the therapist touches certain energy points on the client’s body that help to relax and slow down the brain, leading from alpha waves in a meditative state to an even lower level, that of theta waves, while the client is in a light stage of sleep. Consciousness expands, and the brain starts to work differently from how it does in normal waking consciousness, allowing it to return to the events from which the problematic situations originated.

“I was fascinated by this journey through the inner world, just because the problems we were working on disappeared forever,” the founder of the Holistic Institute says. “I had been to several therapy training sessions, but again and again I had to face the fact that the old issues were coming back. As an idealist, though, I always hoped that there were ways that the problem would go and disappear forever.”

Yes, events that happened in one’s life must be re-experienced in therapy, but that is for the last time. To make it go as smoothly and quickly as possible, the therapist’s support and special techniques are needed.

Settle relationship problems, get healthy

Most people come to the HRT with relationship problems. These problems involve all kinds of relationships between people: husband and wife, children and parents, work colleagues, and others. As a root cause, Eberth brings up co-dependency, also known as “relationship addiction”. This means dependency on another person, lack of boundaries between people, and lack of contact with their own self – the situation when people tend to live the lives of others. If you look for nodal points, the lack of love for yourself, low self-esteem and low self-confidence are certainly some of them.

But I’m going home to the same person after therapy, right? “In therapy, everyone is healing only their own world, not anyone else’s world. And it’s nice to hear the clients rejoice that their mother has become a completely different person, or that there is no bone to pick with one’s husband. As a matter of fact, the mother and the husband are exactly the same as before; it is simply that the attitude of the person/client has changed so much with therapy that they are no longer triggered by old customary and conflict-provoking patterns.”

HRT also helps in cases of physical, especially chronic, pain and even more serious health problems. There have been those who have come with a pain in their knee and left light-footed after a single session. “The holistic approach says that the personal information field needs to be changed first. Once the information is changed, the body cells will change,” the therapist says, adding that the pain can be eased quickly, but organ or tissue changes take longer, because the cells do not regenerate so soon. “The next step of the information field is our psychic field – our thoughts and emotions, our energy. Only then will the body follow.”

She tells the story of a young woman who was diagnosed with fourth-degree cell changes in her cervix and was facing a hysterectomy. In the course of therapy, it turned out that the greatest trauma in the area was related to her hard labour two years ago, 72 hours of severe pain, doctors’ miscalculations, and her own restrained behaviour. In the therapy process, the whole childbirth procedure was re-examined, and the blocked emotions were released, with instructions to help – express what you feel, what you want to do… All the doctors were cursed behind their backs. A month after she attended a weekly therapy session and after two tissue samples were taken, she was told: “Young lady, your cells are healthy.”

The Holistic Four or a short session

An HRT session starts with a conversation about your problems, needs, and goals. For half the time, you lie on the couch with your eyes closed and “travel” in the inner world under the guidance of your Inner Wisdom, or Higher Self. But the conversation continues. Sometimes a therapist asks you to imagine something, sometimes asks you how you feel, what thoughts you have connected to the situation, what you notice in your body, what you see in your mind’s eye or what knowledge you get.

What is important is that the therapy works with information and goes back to the events where the blockages started. They can be in the near or distant past, either in childhood or in the womb, in stories or in biographies whose events took place in a different time, place and culture. If necessary, they will also travel to their distant generations to meet a member of the family about whom they know little.

For those who have the time and the means, Eberth recommends the Holistic Four, which is intensive work over a short period of time. It consists of four sessions, each roughly three hours long, that take place over four consecutive days, or two days in a row followed a week later by another two days in a row. There may be other combinations, but at least two of the sessions must be on consecutive days.

Holistic short sessions last for 75 to 90 minutes. They take place once a week or once a fortnight and are suitable for those who are dealing with a physical problem, as well as for those who opt for a slower and more cautious change. It should be borne in mind that the sessions require a willingness to hold one’s focus for a longer period.

The ultimate goal of therapy

The most important thing is setting an ultimate goal – a positive, forward-looking intention based on what a person wants. And if you can’t word it yourself, the therapist will help. A person does not need to know how to achieve this dream, but they must have a vision of what they want to accomplish and what kind of life they want to live.

Is it all right when I come and say that I don’t want to be afraid anymore, or that I’ve lost the joy in life, or that I want to know what my purpose in life is? “Yes, absolutely!” So a therapist is just helping put some “flesh on the bones” by asking, for example: If you don’t have that fear anymore, how will you feel? Or: What will be different in your life if you’re happy? The important thing is that a person wants to change something and has the courage to study their past experiences more closely.

But if you fear that something unknown may pop up from inside you, or fear facing those devastating emotions and things that you do not want to feel again? Marina urges you to take courage and go through this awful journey with the therapist for the last time. Otherwise, it comes to mind from time to time, mostly at completely inopportune moments. Moreover, at any point in the session, a person has the opportunity to say, “Stop, I’m not going to move on from here.”

Higher Self, the voice of your soul

At HRT sessions you are taught to establish a conscious connection with your Higher Self. Everyone has an inner voice, gut feeling or intuition, and this will always be with you, even if you are not aware of it. It belongs to that part of consciousness called the super-consciousness. If you can listen and hear that, your soul’s ambassador can help, because it knows who you have been and where the road may lead you in the future. But to get advice or to heal yourself, it is necessary to make a connection – that is, to relax and to look inside yourself in a meditative or altered state of consciousness.

“It is good to listen to the voice of the heart when making important decisions. We use the shape of the inner space of the heart, which can also be visualised at home by yourself. Carry out a little heart meditation, be silent for a little while, feel and calm your thoughts so that the right decision can emerge. It is through the heart that a connection is established with the Higher Self, which in turn is directly connected to the field of information,” says Marina Paula Eberth, talking about the wisdom of the heart.

At the HeartMath Institute in the United States, it has been discovered that the heart has its own internal nervous system that can sense, feel, remember and process information independently of the brain. Exciting experiments have shown that the movement of intuitive information takes place in the following sequence – heart-brain-body. Finally, the person becomes aware of what is going on.

Marina encourages the practice of listening to the Higher Self so that it becomes a natural part of everyday life. Then there comes a point at which there’s no need to ask, because the knowledge comes by itself. And since there is no perfect and suitable method for everyone in the world, to find one suitable for you, you could start by just listening to the sound of your heart.


What is holistic regression therapy?

The word “holistic” means “the whole.” Holistic journeys into the inner world (not to be confused with Brandon Bays’ The Journey) work holistically: simultaneously with the body, mind, soul and spirit. HRT has been compiled by an Estonian – Marina Paula Eberth – over a period of 20 years based on psychology, psychotherapy, psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology, psycho-spiritual counselling, family, gestalt and regression therapy, theta healing, Mayan light language, shamanism, people’s energy and healing practices. Initially, the name “holistic therapy” was used; now it is called “holistic regression therapy”.

Who doesn’t it suit?

Holistic journeys do not suit those who cannot distinguish between inner reality and the outside world, between self and non-self. This includes those suffering from psychotic disorders, such as people with schizophrenia. Those taking sedatives and antidepressants are not excluded. But the treatment is not suitable for people who use narcotics or have brain damage from trauma, acute crisis or shock conditions in which they lack adequate self-perception. The only age limitation is that a child should be able to adequately describe their inner-world experience. However, the smaller the child, the shorter the time during which they can focus. As the problems of young children are related to their parents – and especially to their mother – it would be better for their mother to come to therapy, because if she is dealing with herself, there is a great deal of change in the life of the child.

Lived experiences

“I had been on a Brandon Bay journey before the Holistic Four, where I could not see or feel or hear anything. After a few years, when attending the Four, I hoped I wouldn’t have to lie down. I had to. With reluctance. But something was healed. On one session I got back to Grandma’s farm and experienced the pain I felt when she died. Death and funerals have been very difficult for me since then. My experience of the Holistic Four is that people who claim to have ‘seen’ their previous lives are not lying, because it is possible. I also realised that I had something very painful hidden inside of me that I didn’t want to see, and that’s why I couldn’t let myself go. A lot of understanding and clarity came from conversations with a therapist.”



“The year of holistic training gave me the opportunity to look honestly at my life, my experiences and myself. It helped to discover the essence of me and understand what I want to create in life, who to be and where to move. I was able to deal with the release of a past relationship, the development of my own body feeling, and the discovery of a professional passion. By taking the lead in the creation of our lives, we can paint a wonderful work of art.” (Read more…)


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