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Therapy room rental

The therapy rooms of the institute can be used by students and therapists of holistic regression therapy training. You can find the rental prices of the rooms here:
Rental prices of the Holistic Institute.

Choose a suitable date and time from the calendar, check if the room is available and send a reservation request by e-mail:

Bookings are color-coded by room on the calendar.

    • Therapy room 1 bookings are marked in pink
    • Therapy room 2 bookings are marked in blue
    • Therapy room 3 bookings are marked in purple
    • Therapy room 4 bookings are marked in green
    • Therapy room 5 bookings are marked in orange
    • Therapy room 6 bookings are marked in brown
    • Therapy room 7 bookings are marked in yellow
    • Therapy room 8 bookings are marked in grey

When planning a suitable time, please take into account that there is a 30-minute buffer time between two sessions.

The recommended intervals for therapy sessions are 10 am-1 pm, 2 pm-17 pm and 6 pm-9pm. Please recommend these session times to your clients. This makes it easier to plan valuable time for you, your co-therapists, and the institute. mailing list

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