The Power of Now – Leave Your Ego Behind

14. Apr 2021 | Meditation

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If you find yourself in the midst of nirvana, what do you envisage yourself doing? Is it the troubles of the past that you will reflect upon? Or is it the fret of the upcoming events that will occupy your mind?

Whatever the case may be, the reality is just something that does not strike us. The stumbling block of our “reality” is not the collection of previous experiences we have been bombarded by. And it is not the chapters that are about to lay hold of. It is nothing within the surrounding of the proportion of the time.

What we fail to understand is that the dimension of time in the past is now buried and dead. While the dimension of time that is to come is currently under the veil. And yet we fail to acknowledge that commodity we are supposed to value. It is none other than the reality of our present, our “now”.

The Power of Now

The primary perception of time is the real factor that is distinguishing our thoughts, emotions, and priorities from the other person. We might conceive that people who struggle, keeping their future in mind are ones on the right track. Also that, the idea of being pensive of the future is driving their victory. However, a critical view would help us analyze that the ones who worry about their future are just apprehensive. While the ones enthralled in working for their goals and ambitions at present are successful.

Similar is the case with our ineradicable past. The ones who are living in their bygones are just living in fallacious happiness. While those who want to be happy are the ones creating memories, at present. In either case, you’ll find that folks who are focused on today are holding the right perspective to move ahead. The ones living in their today are those who have the capacity on deciding the kind of world they want to build as their legacy.

So now how do we define “The power of now”? Well, “the power of now” revolves around the basic principle of living in the present moment. It directs that the worries of the past and future are simply uncontrollable. And that the only dimension of time that is in our control is the present. Therefore, it is the only current state we should be living in. So that we can make the most of what we have with bliss, comfort, and gratitude. But that is easier said than done, right?

We, humans, tend to worry about all the things that are uncertain to us. We do that to an extent where we stop appreciating what we already have. And also when that thing is gone, we fail to acknowledge that it was our negligence that led it. So how do we live in our present?

  1. Acknowledge what your past and future hold-

Have you ever wondered, why uncertainty surrounds us all the time? It is because our minds have lost the transparency to live in the current moment fully.

And our brain cannot realize that the present is, in reality, dictating your past and future. In simpler words, the moment you are living right now was once your future, and just as you complete this sentence would become your past. So why not just live the current moment to the fullest and make it your past and future. Behold the idea! Every moment you are living NOW has the power to decide your past and future.

  1. Recognize the present-

Recognition of your current state comes from the elimination of negative thoughts in your mind. Simply close your eyes and take a deep breath. While you do so, try to imagine all the goods you have at the current period. And put yourself no limit! Even if breathing is all that you possess right now, make sure you are aware of it. Why? Because acknowledgment of your “present” is the key!

Here’s a piece of advice! Don’t fight with the negative thoughts that flow into your mind. Accept them with tranquility, so they may ooze out gradually.

The bottom line-

So now may I question you again? If you find yourself in the midst of nirvana, what do you envisage yourself doing? Is it the troubles of the past that you will reflect upon? Or is it the fret of the subsequent events that will occupy your mind?

Let me give you a hint….just live in that moment. mailing list

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