Workshop ‘Love & Forgiveness’


Tiina Pedak

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Endla 15 (4th floor), Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn


9. Jun 2021 – 9. Jun 2021



Our invitation for you to join a workshop on the topic of ‘Love & Forgiveness’:

Why is LOVE important?
Why is loving yourself important too?
Many of us are aware that LOVE is an extremely powerful tool for healing.
But as much as we try to love ourselves, or choose love, it doesn’t always work or we are not very successful at it.There is something that gets in the way, or seems to be impossible to overcome.
And, at some point, we start to believe that LOVE is not for us, or we are not capable of it, or that there is something fundamentally wrong with us!
Actually, there is an answer to that and this answer is FORGIVENESS.
FORGIVENESS is the key and it will open up LOVE, bringing it into our lives, so that LOVE itself can start to flow again.

Trainer: Tiina Pedak

Date & Time: Wednesday, 9 June 2021 6pm-9pm.
Location: The Holistic Institute, Endla 15, Tallinn Estonia (4th floor).
Cost: 20 EUR. After registration you will receive an invoice. There are limited spaces, therefore you reserve your spot by settling the invoice.

Please register by email:
Additional information:, +372 637 2777