Tiina Pedak
  • Trainer
  • Holistic Regression Therapist, professional certificate nr 093886
  • Year of graduation: 2014


Tallinn, Haapsalu
Estonian, English, Finnish

I was born in Tartu, in 1971, but I spent my childhood and school years in the nice and cosy town of Haapsalu. 

I graduated from EBS with an MSc in International Relations.

During the years of 2004-2007, I completed a Teacher Training course in Rebirthing, courses in Reiki Practice (Levels I, II), as well as the courses at Reiki Master level.

In 2009, I started my studies at the Holistic Institute, from where I graduated in 2014 with a professional certificate in Holistic Regression Therapy.

Personal development and work experience

Since 1993, I have worked in the fields of finance and Human Resources at various Estonian companies and as an export assistant in Finland between 2005 and 2007.

In 1999, I discovered Rebirthing. A year later, I moved to Finland and, because I did not find there a suitable breathing practice, in 2004 I started Rebirthing studies with Lena Kristina Tuulse in Estonia and in Sweden. At the same time, I was studying under Jyrki Kiviaho to be a Reiki Master in Finland.

In 2009, when I moved back to Estonia, I started my studies at the Holistic Institute in order to understand myself better and, through this, to support my clients in their journey to find themselves. Holistic studies took me on a journey full of surprises. I met myself in such a special way which I wouldn’t have even imagined was possible for a human to experience. I began to understand why I had lived the way I had, acted the way I had, why I had made the choices that I had. At some very special moments, I experienced my very essence and I got in touch with my heart.

My worldview has widened and it has many layers; I have a much wider view of what is out there. I have much more understanding, love, and compassion both towards myself and others. My holistic journey has brought me closer to who I really am. As a chronic worrier, I am now much more relaxed. I do still worry at times, but not at all like I used to. I also have much more trust in the fact that life will carry me in situations that are bad or complicated.

My path as a trainer started in 2007, when I conducted my first breathing training in an adult education centre in Finland. I had the belief that I was not smart enough, but my Reiki teacher proved me wrong and convinced me to start teaching because I had a gift.

During the period 2010-2014, I organised Sondra Ray ‘Liberation Breathing’ courses in Estonia. I have assisted Lena Kristina Tuulse’s and Binnie A Dansby’s breathing underwater courses in Sweden (2007-2009) and Sondra Ray’s courses in Iceland, India and Estonia. I conduct Rebirthing evenings in Haapsalu and Tallinn and organise courses of Reiki and Rebirthing. Since the autumn of 2014, I have conducted an intensive self-development course, ‘The Journey to Yourself”, which is based on bodywork.

Since January 2016, I have supervised a holistic training year at the Holistic Institute. Material management is not just about passing on theory though; you always have to put your soul into the training. Working as a trainer and a Holistic Regression therapist allows you to see the person and their very essence very, very closely indeed. To see this is a privilege that makes me feel very humble. I am on the holistic journey with my clients and students, being both the co-creator and a witness to their change. This, in turn, has opened deeper layers within me. I know that it is only when I work with my own inner world that I can do my job as a trainer and a therapist.

The lives that people share with me are very different yet at the same time also very similar. We are all different and at the same time we are all one.

Therapy sessions and prices
  • ‘The Holistic Four’ (four 3-hour regression therapy sessions, totalling 12 hours): €600
  • ‘Holistic Regression Therapy’, individual long session (3 hours duration): €150
  • ‘Holistic Regression Therapy’, individual short session (1.5 hours duration): €100
  • ‘Counsultation‘: €50/per hour
Good thoughts

Mooji: “Your Awakening Is Your Gift to the World.”

For me, this means that I see through the physical reality of an illusion. When I have become awakened, I see a deeper truth behind the illusion.

Ram Dass: “We are walking each other Home.

We are supporting each other on the way home.

We offer each other what brings us into contact with our hearts. Be it joy or anger that we cause with each other, in supporting each other we are moving towards home.


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