Kristel Aus
  • Holistic Regression Therapist, professional certificate nr TAM-0031
  • Year of graduation: 2020


Estonian, English
  • 2005–2009 Tartu University, History and Estonian Literature (bachelor’s degree)
  • 2009–2012 Tartu University, Ethnology (master’s degree)
  • 2017–2020 Holistic Institute, Holistic Regression Therapist
Personal development and work experience

As long as I remember myself, I have been fascinated by the deepest, hidden layers of human psyche. I have always had an inner knowing that we are much more than we have been taught to believe. In childhood I was like a sponge, eagerly absorbing everything my world had to offer: whispers of nature, old folks’ tales, secrets hidden in attics and magical worlds of books. And then I passionately told stories about what I had seen and heard. Up until today I still enjoy telling tales: expressing myself in writing and translation work.

After finishing high school, I studied history, Estonian literature and ethnology at Tartu University. Alongside with studying I walked the path of spiritual self-seeking which led me through different countries and encounters with colourful people from all walks of life. This journey taught me to trust my inner voice and “mystical” experiences. Deep down in my heart I always knew that I was supported wherever I would go. At some point my intuition led me to Mexico. I stayed there for a year and let the powerful landscapes of local culture penetrate my soul. Mexico holds a special place in my heart, it is like a second home to me.

After university studies I worked as a translator for a few years. All through this time I felt an inner sense telling me that my true calling was to help people with matters of heart and soul. In 2014 I went through four holistic therapy sessions, “the Holistic Four”, which turned out to be an eye-opening and empowering experience. I realised that holistic therapy was an efficient method to get in touch with your subconscious. The next natural step for me was to embark on the training program to become a holistic therapist myself.

My favourite colours are red and black, my sacred space is the forest, my brightest source of soul messages are my dreams. I am not afraid of intense energies that seem to be dark and threatening at first sight. I believe it is possible to reach light and purification if you go straight through these energies.

As a therapist, I believe that my most important task is to create a comfortable space where hidden layers of my client’s psyche are able to unfold freely. Important stories and symbols can then emerge from the subconscious and provide valuable support for the client in her everyday life.

You can find my blog and other writings at

Therapy sessions and prices
  • “The Holistic Four” (four 3-hour regression therapy sessions, totalling 12 hours): €420
  • Holistic regression therapy session after completing “The Holistic Four” (up to 3 hours): €105
  • Consultation: €60/hour
Good thoughts

I am convinced that the wisest teacher and best counsellor is one’s own inner world. All you have to do is to let it speak.

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