Workshop: ‘Healing Your Past: The Inner Child’


Tiina Pedak

Toimumise koht

Endla 15, Tallinn (4th floor)


17. Mar 2021 – 17. Mar 2021


6pm – 9pm

An invitation for you to join our workshop on ‘Healing Your Past: The Inner Child’.

Each of us was once a little child, needing to adapt to our surroundings and find a way to fit in. Ideally, we had parents good enough to be able to meet most of our needs in a satisfactory way. But even the most well-meaning parents can make mistakes and leave a child feeling that their self-worth is conditional upon doing and being what is acceptable and expected of them.

For too many of us, the parenting and childhood we had was far from good enough, resulting in us finding our adult life and relationships are a constant struggle too.

Unhealed wounds from our childhood stories are powerful and, ultimately, they run your life, hurting even your most intimate relationships.

In this 3-hour ‘Inner Child’ workshop, you will safely visit your past and make deep contact with the inner child you once were.

As we help to heal his/her emotional wounds, we start to make peace with the past; this affords us more freedom, authenticity and spontaneity in our lives.

Date and time: Wednesday, 17 March 2021 6pm-9pm

Location: The Holistic Institute, Endla 15, Tallinn Estonia (4th floor)

Cost: 20 EUR. After registration you will get an invoice. There are limited spaces, you reserve your spot by paying the bill.

Trainer: Tiina Pedak

Please register:

Information:, +372 637 2777


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